SOFT99 Water Based Tire Coating PURE SHINE 100ml




Pure Shine is a water-based tire coating without petroleum solvents. It protects the tires and gives them a chic and natural gloss, making your car look more elegant. The package includes two special sponges called the Pitasupo, that are specially curved to fit the shape of the tires perfectly, resulting in quick, easy and clean application.
Directions of use:
* Be sure to clean any sticky or unwanted residue from tires in advance.
* Do not apply it onto wet tires.
1. Shake the bottle well and put a moderate amount of the liquid on the included sponge.
2. Be careful not to get the liquid on the wheels, and be sure to spread the liquid on the whole side of the surface of the tires.
3. The entire process is completed when the liquid dries for 5-10 minutes after application.