Soft99 Authentic Premium Wax Solid Pure Carnauba 200g




Authentic Premium is made of the materials which passed the strict quality check. We check every single preparation after manufacturing, and then we sell only products which passed the test. Therefore, this is truly a wax work of art! Formulated pure carnauba creates an incredibly transparent gloss on your car body. It spreads evenly and smoothly across a surface, like water, which helps you to apply it efficiently while producing an amazing result without unevenness. The soft rubber ring on the bottom of the container prevents the surface from being damaged by scars or scuffs when you put it on your car while applying. The included sponge is the same as the one used for cosmetics, so that it can be incredibly fine and soft. Furthermore, it includes the trim brush to remove the wax applied into the emblems and malls. This product can be used for any cars. Abrasive compounds are NOT included. Enjoy our “Premium” quality.