Prima Hydro Seal 473ml




Prima Hydro Seal is a revolutionary new sealant that is applied to a wet surface. That’s right, to get the brilliant, organic shine you apply Hydro Seal to lightly misted paint with a damp applicator. You simply wipe it on, watch as it flash dries and immediately remove any residue. In most cases it disappears as you wipe it on.

Hydro Seal leaves the paint feeling buttery soft and very slippery. It beads water with fierce intensity. Through our testing, it was literally beading the soap as we were washing panels. Durability is a solid six months on a daily driver.

And if easy application wasn’t enough, Prima Hydro Seal will not stain exterior trim! It gets better…It actually dresses trim. Yep, it leaves a light luster while covering up waxing mistakes of the past.

Hydro Seal is safe on all paint types, glass and black plastic trim.