Nanolex Urban Glass Rain Repellent 100ml




Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant is a high technology sealant / coating especially for glass that repels water and dirt improving visibility all-round.
With the application of this advanced Nanolex Urban glass sealant rain starts moving off the screen at only 30mph taking any dirt particles with it, leaving clean glass and perfect visibility. The complex molecular technology makes the coating completely invisible and water will move off glass once the car reaches about 30mph.
The Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant is specifically for lower speeds, rain starts moving off at about 30mph.
The shelf life of this product is 2 years at least. Also 4-6 applications out of one 100ml bottle are realistic since the performance increases if you apply 2-3 thin layers and the durability mostly depends on how much you use your wiper blades as well but 3-4 months is the norm.