Nanolex Si3D Matte Set 30ml




Nanolex Matte Si3d Set is specifcally for matte finishes which tend to be sensitive and prone to marring, so a ceramic coating would be the ideal solution to help protect them from damage. However, Nanolex Matte Si3d Set is unlike the majority of ceramic coatings which have been designed with traditional gloss finishes in mind that aim to increase levels of shine and reflectivity rendering them unsuitable for satin matte finishes.
To fill this void in the market, Nanolex has developed Si3D Matte, a ceramic coating specifically designed to protect matte paint finishes without adding gloss. This kit contains everything required for the application of this coating.
Kit Contains:
1 x Nanolex EX (200 ml)
1 x Nanolex Si3D Matte (30ml)
1 x Nanolex Si3D Applicator Block
1 x Nanolex Si3D Microfibre Applicator (Pack of 10)
2 x Nanolex Microfibre Buffing Towels
1 x Nanolex Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair)