Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 (PF2500) 250ml




PF 2500 – PowerFinish PO203 MenzernaUSA originally introduced the PO203S PowerFinish Polish to our range of liquid polishes as a medium-cutting polish. Our experience was that the PO203S had the same performance as Super Intensive polish SI 1500, and we needed a finishing polish with a higher gloss level that would still remove light scratches. We are pleased to introduce the PO203 PowerFinish, an exceptional one-step polish that will provide the higher gloss level for reconditioning and industrial finishing applications. Part of the Menzerna family of polish for scratch-resistant clears, PowerFinish is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket applications.  This new formulation can eliminate 2500 grit sanding marks on fresh clears and provide a higher level of gloss than previously possible.  In most applications, it is a true one-step polish.