Chemical Guys PETE’s 53′ Carnauba Paste Wax




Chemical Guys Pete’s 53 Paste Wax (PT53) was made to celebrate 53’ years of Pete’s life with a premium paste wax that is for all paints but especially so for darker car colours and metallic paints. This wax is perfect for motorcycles as well as cars.

Pete’s 53’ wax blends the finest of raw ingredients, such as, almond, coconut, banana, and oils, into a premium emulsion combined with 53 percent Brazilian grade 1 quality white Carnauba wax.

The end result is a brilliantly deep wet gloss finish to your paintwork which is well worth the effort.

Perfect for use on any colour car 53% Brazilian white carnuba wax.
Wipe on, wipe off formula, Perfect for dark, pearls and metallic paintwork.
Unique blend of oils and liquid crystal polymers.