CarPro Cquartz Lite Ceramic Coat 150ml




CarPro Cquartz Lite allows you to apply a durable layer of protection that looks amazing. Apply it directly to your paint or over the top of an existing coating layer for a great shine and at a great value! CarPro based Lite on the formula of the popular CarPro UK. It is formulated with a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles with over 45% solid materials. This unique makeup allows for easier to clean surfaces, resistance to insect splatter, petrol spills, light solvents, and UV rays, whilst providing a beading contact angle of 110 Degrees. To apply, you can spray on wipe off, or wipe on wipe off. It will take 15ml – 50ml depending on application method and it will last 6-12 months. You can apply it to your paint, plastics, wheels, and glass (except your windshield).